Patch Evans
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Brown
Address: 4122 Bolgoton Street
Other Information
Interests: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Choreography, Voice Coaching
Clique: Glee Club, McKinley Titans
Education: Sophomore at McKinley High
Strengths: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Choreography, Voice Coaching
Weaknesses: Too concerned with winning
Series Information
First appearance: The Glee Club Project
Portrayer: Theunitedstateofme

Patch Evans is a Main character on the fanfiction A Very Glee Fan-Fiction by BloodOnTheRocks. He was created by Theunitedstateofme.


His multi-billionaire family transferred to Ohio because his parents wanted them to have a less fast paced life. He has 1 older sibling who remained in New York (pursuing his writing career) and 6 younger siblings who all aspire to be performers. Patch was the lead / soloist of the show choir in his former school which brought him fame and was also starting a career acting in plays off-broadway. Annoyed at his parents for moving them to Ohio, he tries to make do with what he has and attempts for a shot at stardom in McKinley High as their next big glee club star.





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